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About Salesforce User Groups

Salesforce Community Groups are customer-organized groups that meet to learn, share ideas, network, and get best practices on how to get the most out of Salesforce. There are hundreds of groups around the world, including several different types such as General Knowledge, Developer, Product, Nonprofit, Women in Tech, and Affinity groups. Join one today to connect with the Salesforce Community!  
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Get answers to your troubling questions.
  • Learn ways to extend and optimize your use of the Salesforce Platform.
  • Learn about a new product/app you may never have researched on your own.
  • Learning new, better, more efficient ways to tackle process issues; something you may not have thought of.
  • Make new friends.
  • Boost your Salesforce career with new knowledge.
  • Free therapy session :-)


Belgium Marketing Cloud Group
Lead by Frederick Vijverman
Belgium User Group
Lead by Samuel De Rycke & Jan Vandevelde & Michaël De Feyter Twitter: @SFBelgiumUG | Email: belgium@salesforceusergroups.com
Belgium Nonprofit User Group
Lead by Natalia Medvedeva & Kevin Jackson Twitter: @BeNonProfitSF
Belgium Pardot User Group
Lead by Julie Minners
Belgium Developer User Group
Lead by Samuel Moyson & Robyn Wijnen
Amersfoort User Group
Lead by Lianne Aurik and Ruben Schuring Twitter: @amersforce | amersfoort@salesforceusergroups.com
Amsterdam User Group
Lead by Andre van Kampen, Giorgio Vinci, Paul Ginsberg and Sergey Erlikh Twitter: @amsterdamsales1 | amsterdam@salesforceusergroups.com
Amsterdam Women In Technology Group
Lead by: Bhavna Banodha Twitter: @amsterdamwit | amsterdamwit@salesforceusergroups.com
Rotterdam User Group
Lead by: Cornel van der Heiden rotterdam@salesforceusergroups.com
Rotterdam, Netherlands B2C Marketers Group
Lead by Michiel van Gaalen
The Netherlands User Group
Lead by Rob van Waveren & Erik van den Hurk Twitter: @susergroup | netherlands@salesforceusergroups.com
The Netherlands Nonprofit User Group
Lead by: Ayako Sawada, Jesse Hoosemans, Sergey Erlikh and Sjoerd Woltjer Twitter: @nonprofitnl | netherlandsnonprofit@salesforceusergroups.com
The Netherlands Developer User Group
Lead by Martijn Schwärzer & Hans Post Twitter: @nl_sfdc_dg
Luxembourg User Group
Lead by Patrick Ittah & Yves Leblond luxembourg@salesforceusergroups.com